Campaign and Website Updates

Update! (9/23/03)
More Website Stuff: The new front page is complete, and I must say that I'm very pleased with the results. The new table of contents now displays more detailed information about what the section title means when you hover over the image in both the alt tag as well as the link reference at the bottom of the browser. Just try it, and you'll see what I mean. Note that not all the words have active links; some sections are still not online. But if it is available on the bulleted list on the main page, then it is also available from the TOC links.

Sponsorship: Shakandara: The Renaissance campaign is being officially sponsored by All The Fun Stuff. They have graciously extended a special discount to all current campaign members. Please see William for more information. A small banner advertisement links to the store's brief website at the bottom of the page.

Update! (9/16/03)
New-look Website: With the help of former and current campaign member William James Cuffe, I'm experimenting with a new look for the website for the Renaissance campaign. I'm prototyping this look here on the main page with new colors, new buttons, and new graphics. Please, make your comments known about the new look in the OOC Chat forum.

Update! (5/12/03) Shakandara finally has its own domain. I hope that here, the material from many years of hard work will see complete fruition. The site has received a slight structure change, with more alterations to come. The conversion of the crymorians is nearly complete, so the html document should not be far behind.

3e D&D and Shakandara: The 3rd Edition of Dungeons & Dragons is here, and I have finally begun to digest all that it has to offer. Much of what I had instituted as 2nd Edition house rules for my world have become part of 3e's core concepts. Material that I struggled to make work under the old rules now has clear and concise mechanics. So, Shakandara is going 3e. It is a major project, and one that will ultimately change the face of Shakandara. So, I've enlisted the help of some the past members of the campaign to help in the conversion. If you are interested in helping (especially you long-lost campaign members that stop by here every so often), please contact me and I'll find something for you to work on. The site will gradually go up in pieces as I finish the conversion work on them.


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