Shakandaran Pantheon

What campaign world would be complete without those who pull the strings on the puppets in it? Back in college, just before the first completed run of the epic campaign saga (and just after the release of the Priest's Handbook), Jon Sprunk created most of the gods for my world. Jon, my roommate at the time, wanted to create a pantheon, but his own campaign ran in the Forgotten Realms setting, so he didn't need them. He approached me about creating a pantheon for my world, and I agreed. Since then I have added some new gods to the list, and re-ordered them a bit, changing some portfolios and alignments. My deepest thanks go out to Jon, wherever he is right now, for this section would likely not exist without him..

I. The Forces (Overdeities) of Shakandara
ChaosChaoticprimordial power of chaos
EtherNeutralthe force that binds all together
RaoLawfulultimate power of order
ShakandaraGoodthe earth mother of Shakandara
SkyNeutralpower that provides life and supports the sky
VoidEvilpower that seeks to destroy all things
II. The Greater Deities
AuronLawful Goodgod of sun and light
DoghmaNeutralgod of knowledge and wisdom
MiceanNeutral Goodgod of nature and druids
MordrusChaotic Evilgod of murder, decay, and corruption
PosemosChaotic Neutralgod of seas, oceans, and rivers
PriteaNeutral Goodwife of Stauros, goddess of love, beauty,& passion
SorceraLawful Neutralgoddess of magic
SorenaNeutral Goodgoddess of courage and strength
StaurosChaotic Goodruler of the gods, god of storms and lightning
TierosChaotic Neutralgod of war
III. The Intermediate Deities
ArgeaNeutralgod of the moon
ClinusLawful Neutralgod of battle skill and combat
FaereenChaotic Goodgoddess of rangers, the forest, and the hunt
GorusNeutral Goodgod of the gnomes and protection
HanakkLawful Neutralgod of the dwarves and smiths
KothosNeutralgod of the dead
LillithChaotic Evilgoddess of the drow, spiders, and assassins
MercariNeutral Evilgod of thieves, gamblers, and liars
NayrusChaotic Neutralgod of luck and travelers
SaerauraLawful Evilgoddess of torture, pain, and strife
SerenaLawful Goodgoddess of navigation and stars
TielarLawful Goodgod of justice and faithfulness
VergaddChaotic Evilgod of the orcs
IV. The Lesser Deities
Academicinonethe essence of magic itself
AntharaNeutralgoddess of farming and agriculture
BlaeronChaotic Evilgod of the ogres
DreseaNeutral Goodgoddess of the halflings
EhrinNeutral Goodgoddess of suffering and mercy
GaelicNeutralgod of trade, money, and wealth
KisharaNeutral Evilgoddess of night, darkness, and loss
LyrosChaotic Goodgod of music, song, and the arts
MolochiLawful Evilgod of death and famine
PropherasLawful Neutralgoddess of visions, prophecy, and the future
SpringNeutral Goodelven goddess of birth, creativity, renewal, & vitality
SummerNeutralelven god of poetry, dreams, revelers, & hedonism
WinterChaotic Neutralelven goddess of cold, winter, and loss
AutumnChaotic Goodelven god of weather, rain, and chaos
V. The Demigods
BahumasLawful Goodgod of good dragons
IstaraChaotic Evilgoddess of deception and illusion
MoradosChaotic Neutralgod of hunters, beasts, and blood
OrthiasNeutralgod of neutral dragons
The ElementsNeutrallords of the elements
TiamaraLawful Evilgoddess of evil dragons


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