Magic Items of Shakandara

This section of the world is as much the player's as it is mine. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. As my players have approached me with their ideas for the campaign and the game world itself, I have often incorporated their ideas and been forced to create new material for Shakandara. Most recently, this has included the development of a number of prestige classes (hereafter referred to as "PClasses") to suit individual character progression within the framework of the Shakandaran setting. The first is the Dwarven Battlerager; while hardly a unique concept (much of my version of the PClass is based off of the concept that was kicked around for the LC's Dwarven Nation meta-org), the other attempts at the PClass that I've seen across the web fell short of what I was looking for to suit the fabled dwarves of Southgate. The second PClass is the Dawnbringer, which was written both to suit an NPC I'd introduced as well as to fill the void left by no longer being able to play my undead-destroying paladin of Lathander in LC.


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