Artifacts of Shakandara

Torc of the Golden Waves

History: The Torc was originally crafted by the very powerful human sorcerer Zackerias for the betrothed of Posession, King of the Aquatic Elves. Posession's bride-to-be was the elven maiden Breeze Gentlecreek, a woman of near goddess-like beauty and compassion. She was the gift from the surface elves to their aquatic bretheren to seal the peace between them that had been shattered by the Kinslayer Wars, as she was the sister of Thantalis Gentlecreek, the King of the Surface Elves. Zackerias was a great friend to both the aquatic and surface elves, and he was also the diplomat that helped to mediate much of the peace talks between them. The aquatic elves commissioned him to create the Torc so that Breeze could live beneath the ocean with them. Zackerias imbued the Torc with all the powers that she would need to live among the aquatic elves (constant powers), as well as several powers befitting the Queen of the Aquatic Elves (invoked powers 1-3). He also included a few powers that fit her personality, for although her name was Breeze, she was anything but placid. He gave her these powers (invoked 4-5) to defend herself if need be, for he knew that she would never sit still if she or her subjects were in danger.

The Torc of the Golden Waves was lost to the elves 50 years ago when Breeze ventured onto shore on the Southern Continent to pick flowers and smell the woods, as she occassionally did to remind her of her homeland. On this particular foray, she encountered a tasloi hunting party that easily caught and killed her. However, the Torc did not stay in the hands of the tasloi for more than a few minutes, as an amazon patrol had been tracking the group of tasloi just after they had killed her. The amazons killed or drove off all of the tasloi. The leader of the group judged that by the women's dress, she was from the elven nation beneath the waves. She also recognized (being a magic user) that the Torc was a very powerful magic item that would make an excellent gift to her Queen. So the patrol group did what they thought best, and threw the body of Breeze back into the sea, taking the Torc to their own Queen. Some aquatic elves saw the amazons return Breeze's body to the sea and carry off the Torc and immediately reported it to King Posession. He was furious, and sent a large raiding party to recover the Torc and exact vengance upon the amazons for what was (mistakenly) thought to be an act of war against the aquatic elves. When the raiding party hit the coastal city of Carpanthia, the amazons were taken by suprise, but not so that they did not defend themselves. Both sides took heavy losses, but the elves retreated when no trace of the Torc was found. That was because the Torc had already been taken to Irenthiela to present to Jarissa, Queen of the Amazons. She was the first to discover the two flaws of the Torc; it gradually changes the wearer's appearance to that of an aquatic elf, and it cannot be removed before death. She wore it until the day she died, after which her daughter placed it in the Hall of Treasures as a momento of her mother's reign. Jarissa's granddaughter, Laurissa, is the current ruler of the amazons. Relations are tense on both sides because of what both sides believe to be unprovoked attacks on them.

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