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There are plenty of great gaming sites on the Web. This is by no means supposed to be exhaustive. These are just a few places I like to go...


  1. Gaming Supply Sites
    • The uber-spiffy DM Genie program now handles the majority of the mundane tasks of managing my campaign. Still growing in features, it has the flexibility to support multiple campaigns, various rule sets (including world-specific spells, feats, skills, and more - not just 3e and 3.5 versions), and customized gear. Worth the $30 and more!
    • NBOS software, makers of the Fractal Mapper, the map program I use to do all my mapping now.
    •, where you can download the Magelab spellbook utility. It also handles potion, scroll, and wand creation right now. If you don't have it already, you'll need to download Java Runtime Environment from Sun. If you already have v1.3 or better, you should be ok.
    •, an online e-tailer with an excellent selection of RPG supplements in pdf format. I bought my copy of the SRD from them and got hooked. Check out their 101 line of resources and the Elements of Magic, Shakandara's core magic rules system.
    • New Wave Miniatures carries a jaw-dropping number of miniature lines. There are occassional delays for backorders, but every time something of mine came in, they shipped it immediately, without waiting for the rest. Don't miss their Limited and Showcase edition miniatures.
    • has also done right by me. I picked up a bunch of my Rackham Confrontation Miniatures from them. Their service on my last order was exceptional. Bravo!
    • Fantization Miniatures is another source for those hard-to-get Rackham Confrontation figures.
    • Reaper Miniatures. Their site has new greens, a painting contest, and lists the sculptors for every one of the miniatures in their current production catalog. It was there that I finally discovered how big a fan of Werner Klocke's work I am; most of my favorite Reaper minis were sculpted by him.
  2. Organization Sites
    • The RPGA Network, where you can find info about their many "Living" Campaigns - that is, as long as they don't stop supporting them all...
    • Nuketown, a former campaign-member's website.
  3. Resource and Misc Sites

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