The Early History of Shakandara

Before even The Gods existed, there was the Earth Mother of Shakandara. She was not alone in The Void. Rao, the force of order that permitted Her to exist, and Chaos, the force that changes all in the universe, were also with Her. Sky, the power that supports the sky and makes life possible, wrapped Himself around Her. Ether binds all of these together . Then The Gods came from the darkness of The Void and bought life to the Earth Mother of Shakandara. The Gods first Gift to the world was the dragons. Each was forged from one of the elements of the world; all were tempered in the cooling waters of the Earth Motherís oceans. Each dragon was then given the power to shape the world. They set upon the world like a potter to clay, shaping the mountains, valleys, and plains. Some were given the task of creating life to inhabit the new world. Bahumas, The Platinum Drake, created the first race, the elves. Tiamara, The Chromatic Dragon, created the second race to be enemies to the elves, thus the ogres were born. Other dragons created more races as the world moved from infancy to youth. When this was done, each then created a companion of their own kind to dwell with them on the land. The dragons of each of the alignments of Good, Evil, and Neutrality then selected one of their kind to represent them in the Home of The Gods. Bahumas was chosen to represent the Good, Tiamara the Evil, and Orthias the Neutral.

The elves were the first to establish the calendar. According to their reckoning, the calendar begins with the first day (Dawnday) of Molus, in the 1st Year of the Dragon. It was this same year that the First Race Wars began. The ogres, jealous of the bountiful forest home of the elves, attacked the elves with crude weapons. The elves retaliated with powerful magics. The elves repelled the ogres after a few months, but many elves were slain by the superior number of ogres. All across the face of the Earth Mother, races clashed over land, food, and wealth. These battles were quick but brutal, leaving deep scars of hatred between many races. Dwarves and orcs became enemies for eternity, as did the gnomes and goblins, and the halfings and kobalds. The only race untouched in this war were the humans.


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