How This All Got Started

Welcome to my world. I first began working on the concept of my own campaign world sometime in the mid-80's, back in high school. I had been involved in role-playing games for about 2-3 years at that point, and had a regular group of gamers that I'd GM for or play with. I wanted to have a world where I was free to stretch my wings and be creative without having to worry about stepping on someone else's printed material (ie. Forgotten Realms by TSR). So I set to work on a map, which has since been revised five times. I added the things that I liked from novels I had read, and tossed out the stuff from rulebooks that I did not like. The campaign was run that first time in high school, but never made it to completion, as people moved away and went off to college.

The Epic portion of my Shakandaran Campaign has been run to completion three times since then. The first was in college, the second was in New York, and the third here in Houston. Each group brought something new and different to the game world, and I thank everyone for their efforts. I've also had a few pieces of artwork commissioned for the groups that I've had the pleasure of running the game for. You'll find those on the "Artwork" page.

Then there was the fourth run of the campaign. I assembled a group of players in the Houston area (whom had finished the Epic adventure of Shakandara several months prior). Since the Houston group has finished the Epic game and enjoyed it so much, they have petitioned me to continue to run more games set in my world. So, I went back in the planning stages, writing even more new material and expanding on a bunch of ideas that had been rolling around in my head for some time. The campaign was short-lived as various events tore the group apart and ground the campaign to a halt. However, there is still much I'd like to do with my world (someday). So, presented in these pages is the information that I feel is not sensitive at this time. I'd like to spill the beans for you all on a lot of the stuff from the Epic, but I can't yet. One of the ideas that has come up for future games is a "what if" game. What if the PCs had blown one of the major battles? What if the PCs lost the final fight? What if the Sword of Destiny in my game, Steel's Death, were destroyed? We took a shot as playing this "Alternate Reality" to the Epic. The war was lost, and crymorians have ruled Shakandara for more than 20 years. A new group of heroes must bring Shakandara back from the brink of destruction in my "Insurrection" Game. Since this was not completed, it may yet have another go. Or, I might just find some other way to put my world to use... *wink*

Which brings us to now, the 5th campaign set in Shakandara. I've decided to move forward and take the timeline into the Renaissance. The War has passed, but has left its toll. New magics and creatures have been awakened and brought to light. The world is changing, and it is a great time to be part of it. Much of the redesign and additions to the site were done for the new campaign. Watch here or in the forums to keep up with what happens as the campaign unfolds and develops.

One final note; if you were one of the thousands that attend the 1997 Gencon Game Faire (or any Gencon since), you may have seen some of our group there. As with the NY group, I had a piece of artwork commissioned for the Houston group. This time it was a drawing of the crymorians. I then had it printed on T-shirts for the entire group, complete with stats on the back. They were a big hit, and many of us were stopped several times so that people could get a better look at our shirts. Check out the Artwork page to see the crymorian illustration. More crymorian artwork has been added since then, so check that out too. Enjoy!


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