Welcome to the Halls of Lyte and Darke-ness Armory. All listed items are now 3e-compliant or do not require conversion (such as certed-gold items). If you are interested in making a trade, go ahead and contact us. Items found here are from the personal selections of Vincent Hendricks (RPGA#139704), Phil Brod (#158217), Jim Bennett (#031192), and Jared Wertenberger (#454888). More members' lists will be updated soon. This is a complete list of all of our items that are tradable (i.e. any cert we have that doesn't say Tradable: No); some of these items are in-use or have personal significance to the characters that own them. For information on how we handle trades, read our Trade Policy. We are often asked what we desire in trade for our items. For a short list, go here.

Follow the links on the left to get to each individual section of the Armory. When an item name is also a link, you may click on it to take you to our description page to get more info on that item. If there are any items that you want more info about that are currently not described, please contact us, and we'll do our best to get the description added to our Description Page as soon as possible.

One of the hazards of running an online trading house is that you never know with whom you are dealing. This lends itself to the possibility that some people will attempt to pass off fake certs via the mail. At Winter Fantasy this year, we discovered that this had happened to us, and in great amount from one person. So, we are changing our policy. This was a change we did not want to make; we despise placing limitations on whom we will trade with, particularly when it comes in the form of blanket measures that affect the innocent as much as the cheaters, but it seems we have no choice. From this point forward, we will no longer trade with you unless you meet the following criteria:

1. We've traded with you successfully in the past. - or -
2. We've met with you in-person (these are still subject to a case-by-case evaluation). - or -
3. You come to us with references* from someone that meets the 1st or 2nd criteria.
* contact us for a list of some of the people from whom we'll accept references

Based on past experience, for one reason or another, we recommend that you do not trade with the following people:
Ron Cafferty RPGA# 367133
Malcolm Greenberg RPGA# 157727
Jason Shelton
Nathan Francis Breen RPGA #507828

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