Sir Darius "Lyte" Cariscuro
15th Level Paladin of Lathander
Knight of the Golden Rooster
Knight of the Phoenix
Squire to the Order of the Dawn

Physical Description:
Darius Cariscuro, also known as Lathander's Lyte (or simply Lyte), wears White Dragon Scale Armor adorned with Red Dragon Scales and a great helm with a sunray crest. His clothing is usually made of white and/or gold silk. He carries an enhanced Shield of Morning Glory, as well as a Lawful and Holy long sword, his favored weapon. This Crusader blade has also been enhanced with the power of Spell Storing; Lyte has named it Solaris. He also carries a magical bastard sword; a Lesser Sunblade. It carries a +3 enchanted bonus rather than the typical +2, and although not Holy like Solaris, there are few weapons that are more appropriate in the hands of a paladin of Lathander. He draws this weapon when facing the more powerful varieties of undead, including those with energy-draining powers. Lyte's Boots of Speed keep him agile in combat, and his Rod of Splendor and Periapt of Wisdom enhance both his spellcasting ability and turning undead. His Belt of Giant Strength helps boost his prowess in combat. He uses a pair of Gauntlets of the Faithful Knight for when he needs to call upon Lathander's glorius healing power to aid his companions or himself, though he usually wears a Glove of Storing and a Spectral Glove the rest of the time. Lyte can often be seen travelling between the Halls of Morning Light and The Rooster Fitness and Training Center on his Arabian stallion Sunchaser, his bonded mount and an exceptional horse from an exceptional breed.

Background and Personality:
How could two young brothers, twins even, have ever turned out to be so different and yet so similar? This question will always be asked about Darius and Damien, better known as the Paladins Lyte and Darke. Paradox and Parallel combined. Physically, they appear almost identical; same height and build, same facial features. However, where Lyte's hair is blonde and straight, Darke's is black and curly. Lyte's eyes blaze with a bright azure blue hue; Darke's deep brown eyes are like shadowed pools of mystery. Lyte keeps his angelic face clean-shaven; Darke favors an almost demonic-appearing goatee, though this is often concealed behind his death's head mask. But the fact that they are twins cannot be denied. Their paths in life mirror their physical similarities and differences; with so much about them similar, it is no wonder that they both choose to follow the path of the holy warrior; the paladin. But, as with their physical differences, they found themselves on different paths to reach that life. This is Lyte's story.

Darius grew up in a small town in the Vast. There, he and his brother Damien worked at their family's horse ranch. Their father, a retired soldier and adventurer, taught them both how to ride and fight from the time they could sit in the saddle and hold a sword. The hard work on the ranch and the training their father provided helped both lads develope into fine young men. Then came the Time of Troubles. When the wars of the gods-brought-down-to-earth struck their town, both of the boys joined in the fighting with their father. It was during this battle that Darius got his first taste of the Undead. An enemy priest animated the corpses of both friends and foe alike and sent them against the townsfolk. Some warriors and a priest from the Temple of Lathander turned many of them away and defeated the rest, but Darius was still deeply disturbed by the sight of friends being used in such a manner. He vowed on that day to see that these foul abominations be destroyed wherever he might find them. Darius went to the priest after the battle had ended and made his desires known. The priest, recognizing the purity and goodness in the young man, coupled with his good size and strength, realized that Darius would make a good candidate to be a paladin for the Morning Lord. After obtaining his father's blessing, Darius left home to study with the followers of Lathander to become a paladin. It was also during this battle that Damien discovered his true calling as a paladin of Kelemvor, but that is another story.

Lyte is a natural-born leader of men. He is bright, charismatic, and confident. However, he can be a bit single-minded and stubborn at times; his creed often binds him to a course of action that others would not agree with. Lately, his travels have brought him across numerous challenges to his faith. He has confronted traitors to the Morninglord and vile undead of great power, often much more powerful than Lyte himself. Yet, but some miracle, he has managed to emerge from each of these encounters victorious. He sees this as a sign that Lathander truely favors him and his endeavors. In Lyte's opinion, the magical items he has discovered during his adventures are further evidence of Lathander's favor. Lyte believes that Lathander has some great purpose in mind for his young disciple, and he is rushing forward to meet it, regardless of what it may be.


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