Chiaroscuro (noun) - the arrangement or juxtaposition of light and dark elements in a pictorial work of art [from the Latin clarus (clear) and obscuros];
Cariscuro (proper noun) - the family name of the paladins known as Lyte and Darke [Living City Characters]

Welcome to the Halls of Lyte and Darke-ness, the home of Darius and Damien Cariscuro, twin-brother Paladins. Damien and I are both dedicated to destroying undead, though we follow different paths to achieve our goals. Here at the Halls of Lyte and Darke-ness you can learn more about us and our younger twin-sisters, the priestesses Dawn and Dusk. Like us, Delphi and Diana have dedicated themselves to the eradication of undead from Toril.

UPDATE (4/11/04): The LC campaign is on its final legs; two years of mismanagement by OP brought a campaign that was struggling from the conversion to 3e to its knees. They turned it back over to RPGA at the end of the year, but the RPGA has abandoned it, feeling it cannot (or is not willing) support another Living-style campaign, particularly one that is in direct competition with Greyhawk and Green Regent. The begging and pleading of several stalwart supporters of the game was not enough to get the RPGA to release LC's management to an independant organization, but they did agree to allow the campaign members to have a shot at finishing it off with style and glory. So, Origins 2004 will be the host to the *final* LC event ever. It is the intent of the majority of the Cariscuro family to be present at the event, if only to enjoy one last adventure together. If you are one of the many people we've played with at various conventions over the years, we hope to see you there for our "retirement party." ;) I'll continue to keep the Halls open until then, and maybe even a little longer as webspace permits. However, I intend for this to be the last update that I make, other than to perhaps post a few notes about the finale. The rest of the site will remain as it is now, in remembrance of the good times.

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