Join the Empire and Rule the World!!!

Gather round and heed the call of the Shakandaran Empire! Become a soldier in our mighty ranks and share in the prestige and glory. Or earn yourself a commission and become an officer in the armies ranks. Build your own elite forces to do your bidding!

What is the Shakandaran Army?
It's my little segment in an online game run by Kings of Chaos. It is a medieval fantasy themed game where we recruit members to swell our army's ranks. The more soldiers we have, the more money the empire earns. The more money we earn, the better defenses and weapons we can buy for our troops. It's like one of those nasty pyramid schemes with swords and without all the annoying meetings. ;)

What does it cost?
It's free to play. Heck, all you need to do is click on the link for Shakandara below to be counted as a soldier in my army. You can vote once every 24 hours to add soldiers. This plays a big part later in the game where larger armies actually suffer casualties.

How do I become an officer, and why would I want to?
All you need to do is register after clicking on the Shakandara link below. After adding a soldier to my ranks, you'll be asked if you want to become an office in my ranks. Just register, and you'll be added, as well as gaining your own force to command. You'll be able to earn your own money, recruit your own troops (all of which count towards the Empire of Shakandara) and buy and upgrade defenses and weapons. You can even attack other players and see how your troops fare.

Going the extra mile...
Below is a list that includes all the commanders and officers that the Shakandaran Army is connected to. If you *really* want to help the cause, click each and every one of the links to add soldiers to each platoon. And remember, you can do that every 24 hours... Now that's dedication!

Join the Glory of the Shakandaran Empire!

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